P: Patrick Mahomes Has Been the Single Best Quarterback So Far this NFL Season / CP: His Voice Sounds Like a Frog

Graphic by Isabelle Roy

Point: Patrick Mahomes Has Been the Single Best Quarterback So Far this NFL Season
by BJ Kissel

It really is an easy argument to make for Patrick Mahomes being the best quarterback in the league. Not only has he lead the Kansas City Chiefs to an AFC leading 10-2 record, but also he tops the charts in almost every important statistic. Three quarters through the season, he has thrown for 3,923 passing yards and leads all quarterbacks with 43 total touchdowns while only throwing 10 interceptions. He’s making every right decision, and with that rocket of an arm, I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

Counterpoint: His Voice Sounds Like a Frog
by Colin Cowherd

If you have ever found yourself wondering why a frog was in your living room, your television was probably just set to the Chiefs post-game press conference. You can read off all the statistics in the world, but there is something a little more important than all those silly calculations–leadership. Some characteristics just disqualify you from captaining a team in the National Football League. Case in point, Patrick Mahomes voice is simply too preposterous for him to lead a team through difficult situations. Need I remind you of another strong-armed young quarterback with a ridiculous voice who has failed to win the big games–Andrew Luck?  If Mahomes sounds like a frog, then Luck sounds like a frog wearing the Darth Vader mask, and I would shy away from both of them. Folks, the new wave of sports analytics is great and all, but in playoff football, it comes down to something I like to call MANalytics–can you be a leader of men? With a voice like Mahomes, I’m afraid not.