Out-Of-State Student Thrilled by Scenic View Of LA Smog

WESTWOOD, CA — According to sources, out-of-state student Roberta Flemington is reportedly delighted that her room in Dykstra Hall overlooks the famed Los Angeles smog. “It’s absolutely wonderful! You can see the smog over the ocean right there, the smog over downtown on that side, and sometimes even smog around the Getty!” said Flemington, who grew up in Vermont, and has already Instagrammed 13 photographs of the smoggy view from her dorm room. “The ocean smog looks fantastic with the Valencia filter, and of course the smog near the mountains is so photogenic during sunset.” Flemington’s roommate, Los Angeles native Martha Pham, reports that the smog is perhaps slightly less grey during sunset, but the view is so depressing she would prefer to keep the curtains drawn.

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