Opinion: Today, Of All Days, We Should Be Serious.

I get it. We all love April Fool’s day; we all like to have a little chuckle. We’ve got some reeeaal jokesters among us. But now is not the time. Capiche?

To be honest, you look like a clown right now. It’s offensive that you can even think about laughing given the state of the world we live in right now at this time today. We’re in an election year, for crying out loud. Why would you laugh when you could go out and vote? Have you even registered yet? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Vote blue, no matter who. Give Nancy Pelosi the twenty dollars she’s been begging you for. Post infographics on your Instagram story. Do something, goddamn it.

To all the people out there “pulling pranks” or “making jokes” today, just know you’re a terrible person. You think you’re soooo funny, don’t you. You’ve always been the class clown; the GroupMe comedian. But never the political organizer. Never the person in your community making a real, actionable change. Everything is just a fucking joke to you, isn’t it. Hahahahaha. Is that what you want? You sound like a child.

We need more serious news these days. New Yorker. NPR. The Daily Bruin. We at the Westwood Enabler would just like to say: enough with the funnies. This quarter, we’ll be voting. We’ll be donating to our representatives. We’ll be signing some fucking petitions. Step it up. Be. More. Serious.

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