Opinion: The Roebling Block Party Is Needlessly Destructive. Also, I Wasn’t Invited.

WESTWOOD Students set private property ablaze Thursday night at the quarterly Roebling block party, disturbing the peace for Westwood residents trying to get ahead on their optional readings – like me.

The centerpiece of the block party is a bonfire, but this Daily Bruin editor doesn’t think that’s very “lit.” It makes no sense for us UCLA students to continue tarnishing our reputation in Westwood and beyond. It also makes no sense how everyone just knows when the block party is going to happen. Is there a GroupMe I don’t know about? Or maybe a Slack?

If we continue destroying whatever items we can get our hands on, how will we ever gain the respect of city officials? It would be better to stay inside as much as possible to show that we are respectful neighbors, which is why I chose to abstain from the block party this quarter, and every quarter. It has nothing to do with the fact that no one invited me to it.

While some celebrate the Roebling block party as a treasured UCLA tradition and an opportunity to see some hot firefighters, I see it as a barbaric expression of our most destructive tendencies. If anyone knows when the next one is, please let me know. So I can stop it of course. No other reason.