Opinion: If We Want To Save The Community Center, We’ll Have To Put On The Best Damn Talent Show This Town Has Ever Seen

Kid on stage

My fellow youths, we all know by now that our beloved community center is in danger of getting shut down. The question now is what do we do?

Do we sit idly by and let Jeff Nelson, the richest land developer in town, take over the land and turn it into a luxury shopping center? Are we going to just let go of the last spot in town where teens can both learn how to breakdance and get help with their homework? To that I say: No way, Jóse! We’ve gotta work together and stop Mr. Nelson from buying our center!

We’ve tried appealing to his better nature by inviting him to an open house and showing him why this place is so important, but Mr. Nelson only listens to one thing — the ka-ching of more money in his pockets. He doesn’t care about people like us!

That’s why in order to save it, we’ve got to buy back the community center ourselves, by putting on the best damn talent show this town has ever seen.

I know there are tons of talented people in this town, so if we all work together we can do it. Monica, you can do your juggling routine! And Jeremy, I know there’s an incredible tap dancer hiding behind that tough jock exterior. Yes, even you, Tiny Marie, even someone like you who’s only 5 years old can get up there and show off your rock collection. Everyone’s got something, and if we sell enough tickets I know we can raise the $10 million and make this happen!

Now everyone put your hands in the middle…3, 2, 1, GO EASTBROOK!

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