Opinion: How Can I Help The Homeless If They Don’t Have Venmo?

Yesterday, I was walking back to campus after enjoying a delicious $15 salad at Tendergreens when a homeless man looked right into my eyes and asked, “Spare some change?”

How the hell do you respond to that? Personally, I’m a giver — I was totally going to donate my swipes last quarter, except that I forgot. So I asked him for a QR code, a handle, something, anything! But all he had was a paper cup.

My heart dropped. My stomach churned. I couldn’t believe I had been victimized in this way. In 2022, no less! I think it’s time to ask, how am I supposed to help the homeless if they don’t have Venmo?

Up and down the streets of Westwood they sit, asking for cash I do not have. And you may say, why not carry a few dollars in your pocket? Well I say, as a society, we should all be a little more sensitive to the fact that that is literally such a hassle.

So, fellow Bruins, the next time you’re out walking, don’t ask the homeless how you can help. Instead, tell them to download Venmo.