Op-Ed: Liberals, Stop Calling Your Fake News “Satire”

With all the fake news circulating social media the past few months, some would say the blurred lines of fact and fiction have felt like living in the Matrix. While liberal media would have you believe the rightful onus be placed on the conservative right, it has tastelessly produced false content guised as the so-called genre of “satire.”

My Facebook feed has gone from a reputable collection of Breitbart and Fox to a slew of ridiculous claims about Ben Carson removing sticks from asses and Trump creating safe spaces for bigots. Headlines like these are not only wholly misleading, but are propagating a false reality that you hypocritically critique. Call a spade a spade: what you claim to be “ironic exaggeration” is merely a desperate attempt at furthering your liberal agenda through sharing fake narrative.

Your “satire” sites are not only unfunny, but are also sick attempts at playing on gullible individuals and their inability to discern fact from fiction. My peers share clickbait articles with each other purporting blatantly false statements, like Ben Carson successfully removing his own brain; he didn’t, but I can only assume from its circulation and popularity that people actually believe it.

You may have branded us conservatives the “Agent Smith” of this story, but you have let millennials believe the severity of reality is one big joke. There’s a reason Neo took the red pill instead of succumbing to the blissful ignorance of the blue. The truth isn’t funny; the truth is cold, hard, unadulterated fact, and this thing you call “satire” only subverts the reputable sources shared by the unbiased and informed populous that constitutes the majority of social media.