Op-Ed: I Definitely Love My Husband

The first thing that I want to make unequivocally clear is that I have never in my life not loved my husband. I love the fact that I spend every waking moment of my day either with my husband or surrounded by physical reminders of his presence.

I think it’s cute when he chews with his mouth open and then doesn’t do the dishes, honestly! I only memorized the numbers of all the divorce attorneys in the state as a fun memory game.

A short list of things I do not think about while smoking a cigarette on the front porch as my husband records another episode of his podcast with the boys: 1) how easy it would be to take the money and run, 2) how peaceful it would be to be on the beaches of Copacabana with only an N-95 mask for company, and 3) how much I do not love my husband. I do not think about these things because I do not have enough money for a plane ticket and I do not have a passport. Also, I love my husband.

My husband is my rock. I would even go as far as saying he is my boulder, keeping me firmly rooted to the ground with his crushing psychic weight in the middle of this pandemic. Be grateful for your loved ones during these uncertain times, but be especially grateful that you are not spending them with my husband because he is with me and I love him very much.

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