Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders Can Still Win 2016 Presidential Election

The lies of the bourgeois press may have led you to believe that the 2016 presidential election has already concluded. Well, I’m here to tell you that the fight isn’t over, and that based on an unassailable mountain of evidence (which I don’t have the time to go into right now), Bernie Sanders is the most likely candidate to become our next president, in 2016.

Failing to win a majority of delegates in Texas and California and Florida and Iowa was actually good for the Sanders campaign. Losing the overall delegate count to Hillary Clinton by a nearly 2:1 ratio was really fantastic news for Bernie. Dropping out of the 2016 primaries and again in 2020 is all just part of his plan, a plan which I won’t go into right now.

If you look at the data, you’ll see it’s very clear that the DNC, together in cahoots with the bourgeois press, screwed Bernie out of the 2016 nomination. However, it’s possible to recall not just the general election but the primary election as well, even after the 2020 primaries have occurred

If we recounted the 2016 vote, and also if way more people had actually voted for him, Bernie Sanders would be our next U.S. president, in 2016.

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