Oblivious Dance Marathon Participant Still Going Strong

Durham seemed to be unaware that Dance Marathon, which raised over $434,500 this year, ended four days ago on Apr. 9.

WESTWOOD— Unaware that Dance Marathon ended four days ago, third-year communications student Tyler Durham is still up and on his feet dancing in Pauly Pavilion to raise money for pediatric HIV/AIDS research. “This is like, the third time they’ve played ‘Shape of You,’” muttered the sleep-deprived participant to himself, while mindlessly shuffling from side to side in a corner of the silent arena. “My legs are definitely starting to hurt,” he explained, “but I’m doing it for the kids. All of this is for the kids.” At press time, the women’s gymnastics team began setting up for practice and was overheard debating whether or not to let Durham know he could go home.

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