New UCLA Course On How to Enroll In Courses Fast Enough Locked Immediately

WESTWOOD — Students wiped away tears of joy today as they broke out their laptops and logged into their MyUCLA accounts, waiting for their enrollment periods to start. The heavily anticipated “UCLA 101: How to Enroll in a Course Fast Enough,” taught by the esteemed Professor LeSham, was to be released during that enrollment season. Alas, tragedy struck as the class was locked within a minute of opening.

“We thought it was impossible,” sniffed third year Parker Li, who broke a finger from spamming the refresh icon too aggressively. “This class was supposed to answer our prayers! I had to take the LS7 series and CHEM 153A just to qualify!”

Pressed for comment, UCLA released the following statement: “Hey, athletes need to go to class too. If you want to get better classes just learn how to throw a ball. Lol – Sent from my iPhone.” At press time, Professor LeSham was seen teaching the football team how to select a discussion from the class planner.