New Silver Lake Restaurant Serves “Conceptual” Meals

Graphic by Isaiah Little

SILVER LAKE — Following a year of overwhelming anticipation within the community, “Food for Thought,” a restaurant that only serves “conceptual” meals, has opened this week. “Our mission statement says that we wish to mentally enhance the city of Los Angeles, and eventually the world, with our new metaphysically filling meals. People these days don’t think enough about their food, while we think that’s all they should be doing,” said co-owner Mitchell Mann while devouring a delicious plate of Theoretical Tacos. “We start by having our customers envision their meal. Things like how it looks, what it means to them, why it would fulfill them in that moment, and then we have them channel that energy and inclination onto a clean plate and voila! A fresh hot, or cold, plate of conceptual food.” At press time the line for “Food for Thought” was out the door, with customers stating that they felt a new sense of purpose and understanding for their food, albeit still very hungry.

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