New Clothing Brand “Supremer” To Cater To Hyperbeasts

FAIRFAX DISTRICT — Last weekend, hundreds of self-proclaimed not hypebeasts, but “Hyper-Beasts,” lined up by a Melrose storefront in anticipation of new clothing brand “Supremer,” unaffiliated with the more well known “Supreme” clothing brand. “I realized that once everyone started wearing ‘Supreme,’ the meaning became diluted because if everyone is supreme, no one is supreme, so I thought to myself, ‘What’s more than Supreme?’” said “Supremer” founder James Jebbia II, unrelated to “Supreme” founder James Jebbia. “The idea of ‘Supremer’ is basically the same as ‘Supreme,’ but like, just a little better. And with one more letter.” The “Supremer” brand is expected to receive competition from another upcoming brand out of Japan, “Two Bathing Apes.”

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