Movie Review: I Haven’t Watched “Black Panther” Yet, But I Know It’s Good

Today I’m reviewing a movie I really love, “Black Panther.” Well, actually, it doesn’t come out for a few more weeks and that means I haven’t seen it yet. But it has to be good.

It’s just so diverse. Did you know that 90% of the cast are people of color? If that isn’t an indicator of a film being great, I don’t know what is. Side note: a friend told me I need to check out a film called “Soul Plane” because the cast is so diverse.

Cinematography? Well, I haven’t actually seen any frames of the movie outside of the trailer. But I imagine the cinematography is really good because it shows a lot of images of POC.

The writing is excellent. I know this because I honestly don’t care about the writing. As long as people of color say 90% of the lines, I’m good.

Acting? People of color have been acting as pawns in a cisgender white man’s system for the last five hundred years, so is this even a question? To reiterate, I have not watched the movie.

I do have one issue with the movie though. The villain of the movie is apparently played by a strong black man, Michael B. Jordan. Why couldn’t they have made the villain of the movie a white person?

Whatever, I know it’s good. It’s an example of universal black excellence against widespread white mediocrity. Definitely go see “Black Panther” if you like sacrificing critical opinions for the confirmation of your biases like I do. Check out my article next week where I question Steven Spielberg’s concerning lack of POC in “Schindler’s List”.