Mother Of All Bombs Leaves Behind Husband And Six Thousand Child Bombs

Her children take a possibly eternal moment of silence to remember their mother.

ARLINGTON, VA – In the wake of her massive detonation and international fame, the mother of all bombs leaves behind the father of all bombs, and six thousand child bombs of varying blast radii and fragmentation capabilities. “She was the best mother a bomb could ever hope for,” said BLU-116A73, a bunker buster bomb with a lightweight outer shell and penetrative blast ability. “She taught us everything about bombing – how to detonate so we could cause the most bitchin’ explosions and sever the most limbs from bodies. I’ll admit, she wasn’t the best at avoiding collateral damage, but hey, that’s what dad is for.” The private ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was reportedly attended by several of the Mother’s great-great-grandchildren, set off by pulling a little string.

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