Mom Totally Nails Guest Bathroom’s Beach Aesthetic With New Shell Soaps

Guests have speculated that Patterson may be incorporating starfish into the room's decor sometime in the next few weeks.
Guests have speculated that Patterson may be incorporating starfish into the room’s decor sometime in the next few weeks.

TULSA, OK— After weeks of trying to perfect the downstairs guest bathroom, local mom Beth Patterson made a final addition of shell soaps to successfully achieve her vision for the room’s beach aesthetic.

“I had already bought a clam-shaped soap dish, an ocean print shower curtain, and anchor-embroidered hand towels,” reported Patterson, “but not until the soaps came into the picture did I really see that beachy look I was going for.”

The previous night’s dinner guests, the Murphys, attested to the drastic effect of the shell soaps on the room’s aesthetic. Sandra Murphy stated that the soaps “really tied the whole room together!” — especially complementing the “Beach This Way” sign hanging above the mirror.

“I almost forgot that I was actually washing my hands in an Oklahoma home nowhere near the ocean,” added Jonah Murphy. “It’s so refreshing to have such laid-back friends.”

Patterson’s oldest daughter, McKayla, went on to note how surprised she was by her mother’s project. “It just doesn’t make sense for her to do this. She literally hates the beach and always complains when we go, but I still come home from school to find that she’s put up a ‘You can shake the sand from your shoes but it’ll never leave your soul’ quote behind our toilet.”

When asked what inspired her to tackle such a unique aesthetic, Patterson stressed that she didn’t want their bathroom to be like any other bathroom, and that the color-coordinated decor that they previously had “just wasn’t cutting it anymore.” “I want to make sure our guests see us as chill and grounded,” said Patterson. “After all, a guest bathroom is really a portal into the culture of a household”.