Man Struggling With Unwieldy Water Hose Unintentionally Arouses Everyone Around Him

Simons gripping his hose.

WESTWOOD—During a particularly heated bout with an unwieldy water hose in his front yard, area man Leo Simons unintentionally aroused everyone around him in an attempt to water his plants. “You drive me crazy. What do I have to do to get you going? Oh my god!” said Simons, while onlookers began to visibly perspire at the coiled partners seemingly entangled in ferocious sexual indulgence. “No, not there! Do I have to do everything? That’s it! Finally!” said Simons, with water erupting from the hose and showering the crowd of voyeurs that had gathered to watch the scandalous yard maintenance. Come newshour, Simon’s neighbors were looking on with disapproval and shame as he discarded the difficult hose into an outside garbage bin like any other piece of trash.

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