Local Voter Starting To Suspect Trump Might Be Sexist

Wilding found many of Trump's comments to be "poorly phrased."

MINNEAPOLIS—Moments after a widely-publicized tape revealed a 2005 conversation in which Donald Trump boasted about assaulting women, local voter Andy Wilding reported that he was starting to suspect that the Republican presidential candidate might in fact be sexist. “Okay, maybe I’m reading into these tapes too much, but some of his comments come off as kind of misogynistic,” said Wilding, citing Trump’s remarks that he would forcibly kiss women and “grab them by the pussy” as potentially problematic. “It’s a little scary to think that maybe Trump is only pretending to be respectful and forward-thinking in public while he’s secretly a chauvinist in his private life.” At press time, Wilding was still unsure whether he’d withdraw his support from Trump in the election, stating that he would await further evidence in case the tapes were “taken out of context.”

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