Local Nihilist Watches “Rick and Morty”

LOS ANGELES — Citing its sophisticated and nuanced references to Narodnaya literature, local nihilist Evan Sharp is a regular viewer of the Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty.” “Rick’s philosophy is as clear and incisive in its nihilistic worldview as the clairvoyant and poetic musings of Friedrich Nietzsche. Wubba lubba dub dub!” said Sharp, eating Cheetos as he rewatches an episode for the seventh time. “I mean, the concept of Pickle Rick, a reduction of the self into an inanimate object to avoid the trivial tasks of life, it really speaks to me. In a totally pointless and unnecessary, yet hilarious way.” During a commercial break, Sharp expressed his sincere desire that our staff not take this as a recommendation, as very few people will truly understand the “subtlety of Dan Harmon’s deft blending of science fiction and absurdist comedy”.

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