Local Motorist Turns Left NOW!

turn left now
Campbell cut across three lanes of traffic to complete her turn.

WESTWOOD—After several moments of deep, pensive internal debate, local woman Ann Campbell has decided that right now, with a red light and several pedestrians blocking her path, is the best time to make the left turn from Sunset to Veteran Ave. “I did a simple cost-benefit analysis in my head,” said Campbell, in between sips of her McCafe Iced Coffee. “While I may risk getting in an accident, injuring others and blocking off the intersection for hours if I go when I’m not supposed to, I do also have to consider the most pressing issue that American Idol starts in 10 minutes. They’ll probably give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I’m on my way to the hospital or something silly like that.” Campbell successfully achieved her illegal maneuver, and was recently spotted ignoring a green light as she fumbled for her cell phone lodged in the interstitial gap between the driver’s seat and the middle console.

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