Local Kanye Apologist Having A Really Bad Week

WESTWOOD — Sources report local Kanye apologist Sam Bradley is having a really bad week. “I mean, I always knew Kanye was insane. But insane in like, a genius way, not like in a crazy batshit Trump supporting way,” Bradley said as he stared at his Kanye album collection. “I just find it so inconvenient when my musical idols espouse views that are reprehensible. Like, how am I supposed to enjoy the masterpiece that is Yeezus when I know the creator thinks slavery is a choice? I mean, I still enjoy it, I just feel guilty about enjoying it. Also, what the fuck is whoopity scoop?” At press time, Bradley was posting a Facebook livestream of him burning all of his Kanye memorabilia, in order to make it clear to the two people watching that he did not support hate.

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