Local Hipster Personally A Fan Of Macaulay Culkin’s Later Works

Stroller is a huge fan of "Party Monster."
Stroller is a huge fan of “Party Monster.”

WESTWOOD–After watching an airing of Home Alone on primetime cable, local hipster Samuel Stroller was reminded of his preference for Macaulay Culkin’s achievements as an adult actor over his more popular years as child star. “It took a ten-year hiatus for Macaulay to really hit his stride,” Stroller said. “No longer bound by the limitations of nauseating pre-teen naiveté, his degeneration into a pallid, lackluster junkie was truly cathartic.” When asked about the relative anonymity of Culkin’s later works, Stroller maintained incredulous that most people have never seen the “ingenuity” of Culkin’s performances in Party Monster, Saved!, or Sex and Breakfast. “I could go on for hours about how brilliant his intimate portrayal of normalcy is in ‘Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza’ on YouTube.” Despite Culkin’s impressive repertoire as an actor, Stroller concluded that nothing would ever top his finest work as a kazoo player in The Velvet Underground cover-band, The Pizza Underground.