Life Hack: Attract Students To Your Study Group By Asking What Their Skeleton Looks Like


If you’re looking for members to make a study group, there’s no method more tried and true than approaching students in your class and asking them what their skeleton looks like. Just walk up to a fellow classmate and say, “Hey, I’m forming a study group. What does your skeleton look like outside of your body?” It’s a known fact that people love talking about themselves, and there’s no better conversation starter than asking how “dem bones” would look if they were out here in the fresh air. You can even be cheeky and go, “Inquiring minds want to know what your entire skeleton would look like if it were in front of me right now.” It’s as easy as that. So the next time you need a study group for Econ 112, just tell a classmate that you’d like to catch a little peek of their skeleton bones.

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