Legal Pad User Confident In Superiority To Rest Of Class

Legal Pad Paper Office Notepad Pad Yellow Notes

WESTWOOD — Last week, the entire Life Science 15 lecture hall watched in admiration as first-year student Trip McCoy distinguished himself as being head-and-shoulders above the rest of his peers by taking notes on a legal pad, distinct from the swathes of notebooks and laptops around him. “I’ve never seen anyone exude so much power solely due to his choice of stationery,” remarked friend Dean Brigham as he watched McCoy struggle to leave the lecture due to masses of apparent fans. “There’s just something about the reflection of yellow paper on his face, and the blatant disregard of paper waste due to his inability to write on the back of the page that just makes me want to be him. It’s crazy – he doesn’t even want to be a lawyer, but by the way he handles the legal pad he totally could.” Sources report that McCoy was later seen having an argument with the professor during a midterm as the horizontal turning of the blue book pages “cramped his style”.

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