Kamala Harris Addresses Kerckhoff Grilled Cheese Combo Inflation At UCLA Rally

WESTWOOD — In a widely anticipated move to amp up the youth vote, Vice President Kamala Harris took the stage at the Luskin Conference Center to echo a concern that has been on every Bruin’s mind since September. “Why is the Kerckhoff grilled cheese and tomato soup combo not even covered by a dorm meal ticket anymore?” asked Vice President Harris as she girlbossed a donation can around the room. “You have to pay $1.50 to cover the rest? Quite literally out of pocket! The only way to change this is to get out and Vote Blue™ so we can codify a $9 combo in the Constitution.” At press time, the vice president was awkwardly hovering over a person leaving their table at Kerckhoff Coffee House, hoping to snag a seat.