‘Just Kidding!’: Leading Climate Scientists Reveal Their Funny Little Prank

NEW YORK The world’s leading climate scientists gathered Tuesday to announce the culmination of their prank, known formally as the “Climate Crisis.” “Honestly we just wanted to let loose and have fun for once,” said Nobel Prize–winning scientist and budding comedian Dr. Anna Swift. “We had a pretty big budget, so we got to do a lot of cool stuff, including the 2008 oil spill and a trip to the North Pole where we got to blowtorch a bunch of glaciers!”

While Swift spearheaded the North Pole campaign, her colleague Dr. Jane Boot took up the political aspects of the bit. “One of my favorite parts was when we fooled Al Gore into including climate change in his 2000 bid for president,” said Boot while she cyberbullied Greta Thunberg on Instagram. “You should have seen the look on Gore’s face when we told him it was a prank! God, it was priceless!”

Swift and her colleagues report that they are very pleased with their project, and are excited to bring it to a close. The scientists concluded their press conference by doing body shots off of one another while Leonardo DiCaprio sobbed in the corner of the room.

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