“Just Do It” And 4 Other Things To Say To Your Sweatshop Workers

Sweatshop workers not sweating enough? Don’t sweat it, because the Westwood Enabler has you covered with these original motivational lines!

1. Just Do It

Never tell them that no means no.

2. I’m Lovin’ It

Your sweaty workers will be extra motivated when they see you grinning like Ronald McDonald.

3. This Is The Happiest Place On Earth

That’s right, even happier than Disneyland. Everyone is so, so happy at this sweatshop. Oh my gosh—are their eyes sweating tears of joy?

4. 15 Minutes Could Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance

If your sweatshop workers get in a car wreck and die, they won’t be able to sweat for you anymore. Even worse, if they’re uninsured, you might lose money.

5. Every Kiss Begins With Kay

Propose to him with a blood diamond so he’ll always remember that things could be worse.

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