Interesting: That 7-Month Stretch Was Actually A Situationship

WESTWOOD — As third-year English major Anne Cloyne checked fellow student and love interest Robert Dikk’s Snapchat score for the fifth time in ten minutes, she realized that she had spent the last half-year of her life in a situationship. “It’s been months since we had our first date, and all I have to show for it is a newfound anxious-avoidant attachment style and an inability to talk about anything else,” Cloyne said while reading the comments on Dikk’s latest Instagram post, which feature girls commenting “First” and “Who took that?” “I thought that because he’s a STEM major and goes to Rocco’s every Thursday, he’d understand the idea of commitment.” At press time, Cloyne had re-downloaded Tinder and swiped right on Daniel, an advocate for ethical non-monogamy.