Inspiring: Version Of You In Parallel Universe Has Your Shit Together


Finally, some good news: scientists and cosmologists have recently gotten together to confirm that in one of the infinite parallel worlds predicted by the multiverse theory, there is one in which a parallel version of you actually has your shit together!

Isn’t that unbelievable?

The parallel version of you, who looks just like you, but thinner, with clearer skin and generally more attractive, couldn’t be doing better: “I’m very on top of everything.I have my day organized down to every detail – I always complete all my homework, I have time for all my extra-curriculars, I’ve developed an exercise schedule in the morning, I wake up and go to sleep at a regular time, and every now and then I send a bundle of roses to my great aunt Susie.”

Wow! But what prompted Parallel You to make such radical changes?

“I was lazy, I was a total mess and was practically helpless. My life has improved tremendously since I made the changes.”

Truly inspiring. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll actually get up off the couch — but in the meantime, pour yourself a third bowl of Cocoa Puffs for dinner and continue your Netflix binge!