Incredible! This Couple Got An Omelet At Covel And Didn’t Have Sex In Line

This couple managed to resist the urge, which often arises around breakfast food.

We all know how tempting it can be to intimately embrace your partner during that long, hard wait for a sizzling, delicious omelet at Covel brunch — but this bold couple resisted the urge.

Second-year business economics major Kyle Warren and his girlfriend of six months, Lily Harper, strolled into the Covel Commons dining hall last Saturday morning, visibly ravenous not only for an omelet, but for each other. To bystanders’ surprise, however, they remained celibate for the entire ten-minute wait! What’s their secret?

“I love my girlfriend, and I love a good omelet, but I try to keep those two things separate,” said Warren as he continued to prove himself the master of his domain. “We know other couples who view the line as a prime location for foreplay; but as for ourselves, I suppose we’re just more conservative than most people on this campus.”

Wow. Redefining True Bruin Values?

While Warren and Harper were able to restrain themselves, other couples just couldn’t wait. As many as four other couples engaged in sexual intercourse as they waited to request their omelet fillings, and one exceptionally bold Bruin couple did the deed while taking a breath to ask for cheddar cheese. Love is in the air!

After devouring their scrumptious omelets, Warren and Harper made their way to their preferred love nest, which could not be located as it is not a highly visible, public place.

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