Huge Football Player Somehow Makes Kids’ Razor Scooter Work

CERRITOS, CA — Physicists have taken to the Razor Scooter headquarters in Cerritos, California earlier this week in an attempt to study the engineering genius that is a kids’ Razor Scooter. “I’ve seen football players that are 375 pounds of pure muscle just glide down Bruinwalk on a scooter made for a five-year-old like it’s nothing!” said Marty Fitzholder, the head of physics at UCLA and project coordinator for NASA’s newest project, Razor X. “If we can somehow replicate Razor’s engineering and make a device that could have the power to thrust ratio of a Razor Scooter, we’ll be going to Uranus by 2021.” At press time, The Enabler was informed that this physics phenomenon can be seen in real time by following the sound of tinny music coming from a backpack speaker and conversations about Scand 50.