How To Draft That Email To Your Professor

(Credit:, Pexels)

Do I include a smiley face? Is a winking face inappropriate? Do I want to be inappropriate? How many exclamation points are too many exclamation points? If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, read on to find out how to draft an email to your professor!

  • Give up and drop the class.
  • Send five variations of the email to your friends captioned “does this sound okay???”
  • Attach that special nude that has been sitting in your Camera Roll for a while.
  • Attach your professor’s nudes.
  • If you’re not crying, you’re not trying.
  • To avoid sounding desperate, limit yourself to twenty uses of “please.”
  • If you’re asking for a letter of recommendation, ask yourself whether or not blackmail is beneath you.
  • Forget to title it.
  • Sneak them a handwritten note during lecture.