Graduating Senior Unknowingly Makes Last New Friend Ever

Rojas will spend the rest of her life wondering if it’s truly possible for two people to understand each other, or if we’re all just ultimately alone.

WESTWOOD—Graduating senior Danielle Rojas unknowingly made her last new friend ever when she befriended fellow student Allison Yang last Thursday. “She’s pretty chill, I guess,” said Rojas, who is unaware that she will spend the next 60 years struggling to make meaningful connections with the people around her, going out for the occasional drink with her co-workers from the Housing Authority, toying with the idea of taking a pottery class just to meet people—sure, she’ll grab dinner with some friends of friends after a party here and there, and talk to her neighbors about how their oldest kid just got into Berkeley, but she’ll never take another midnight drive up the PCH like that one time in junior year, in tears from laughter with her closest friends by her side, deaf to the thrum of that ancient lament: youth, youth is wasted on the young. “Yeah, Allison and I might get dinner later, or whatever.”

At press time, Rojas was cancelling her dinner plans with Yang in order to study for a final.

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