Goth Club To Host Gothic Holi

Often sidelined by the majority, devoted goths have repeated urged the Student Association to accommodate more goth-friendly events.

WESTWOOD—After reportedly “feeling left out” during the festivities that took place at the Sunset Rec center this past weekend, members of UCLA’s goth club have pulled together resources with the aim of hosting their own goth-oriented holi sometime within the next month. Voicing their opinions in a meeting with USAC earlier today, affiliated students agreed that the popular spring festival is in no way reflective of the “blackness of [their] souls”, nor the “endless despair experienced by [the goth] community at large”. Said 3rd year Samuel Bishop: “By replacing Holi’s colorful powders and exuberant dancing with only black powders and distant, nonchalant tosses, we hope to create a more inclusive event, one that even the gloomiest of dark-dwellers can appreciate.” Among the venues being considered are isolated portions of UCLA’s tunnel system, several eerie rooms in the basement of Boelter hall, as well as the creepy corridor on the third floor of Ackerman. “Originally we were hoping to rent out a section of the Los Angeles National Cemetery but unfortunately it looks like they won’t let us back in now after our last candlelit picnic,” noted Bishop.❖

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