Gene Block’s Year In Review 2014

A letter from Chancellor Gene Block.

Chancellor Block had a big year this year. Let’s take a look at some of his most memorable moments of 2014!

January 6: Record-breaking balloon voyage ends with decision to jog across Siberia.

January 26: Marks his sixth home-run in all-chancellor softball league.

March 18: New haircut.

May 2: Mixtape dropped, peaks #28 on the BillBoard 200.

May 11: Discovers where lap goes when you stand up.

May 24: Hangs out with Kyle, Kyle forgets to bring extra Wii U controller.

June 16: Pinpoints source of California drought to “All these thirsty bitches”.

July 4: Gene’s extra-spicy pork ribs voted tastiest in Kansas-style ribs category of faculty barbeque.

August 1: Donates thousands of paper towels to workers struggling to save Pauley Pavillion.

September 29: New Student Welcome speech concluded with 40 minute tirade on walking your wheels on campus.

October 23: Voted “Coolest Chancellor at UCLA”

November 2: Kyle makes up for earlier mistake by picking up tab at Domino’s.

November 5: Plans for Diversitron finalized.

November 22: Gypsy woman’s prophecy fulfilled in victory over USC. Gene chants “Threepeat” in hopes of thwarting the next one.

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