Gene Block Says Campus Wifi Won’t Truly Get Better Until It Learns To Accept Help

WESTWOOD— Gene Block told the UCLA community on Wednesday that administrators staged a “promising” intervention with the campus WiFi, but admitted that we can’t expect it to get better until it learns to accept help. “This is the birthplace of the internet, so there’s a lot of childhood trauma here that UCLA_WEB is working through. That takes time,” said Block, who has been hurt by UCLA_WIFI’s issues himself after he was unable to stream the new season of Mindy Kaling’s hit show “The Sex Lives Of College Girls.” “We’re doing what we can. Recently, we provided Eduroam with a four-step guide on avoiding self-sabotage when a student with 32 open tabs launches Spotify.” At press time, an administrator was Googling “how to get someone admitted to rehab against their will,” but the page was failing to load.

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