Gene Block Mentioned 26 Times In Mueller Report For Some Reason

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on his team’s investigation into potential links between the Trump campaign and Moscow was made public Thursday morning, raising many questions about why UCLA Chancellor Gene Block was mentioned in the report 26 times for some reason. “On May 9, 2017, the President abruptly dismissed FBI director James Comey. On that same day, Chancellor Block was spotted entering the Aahs! Gift Store in Westwood,” said Mueller in an excerpt from the report, unclear as to how Chancellor Block’s shopping habits concern the investigation. “The question of obstruction is complicated by the nature of the powers of the presidency, which are not so dissimilar from the executive powers of a Pac-12 university chancellor, for example the aforementioned Mr. Block of UCLA.” The concluding paragraph of the report stated that while there was not sufficient evidence to either exonerate or charge the President with obstruction of justice, there was ample evidence that Chancellor Block does not, in fact, periodically join students in the dining halls for breakfast, and stopped short of charging him with perjury.

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