Gazing Upon Your Reflection In Pauley Pavilion And 4 Other Signs You May Be A Narcissist

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You, of course! If you see yourself in 3 or more of these signs, you might just be a narcissist. But you already knew that, didn’t you? After all, there’s nothing you don’t know about yourself, and you make sure to let everyone else know as well.

1. You gaze upon your reflection in Pauley Pavilion

YAs you make your way down the hill towards campus, you can’t help it. Your eyes are magnetically drawn to the pure reflective surface of Pauley Pavilion. After all, you need to confirm that you look absolutely perfect before you grace your classes with your presence. Your classmates? Mogged. The world is your runway. Truly any reflective surface on campus doubles as a mirror. You are always in position for a mirror selfie. #OOTD

2. You love when people approach you on Bruin Walk

You live for the feeling of people fawning over you, throwing themselves at you for just a sliver of your attention. And in that moment, they are entirely at your mercy. With a mere nod of acknowledgement or a decisive “No, thank you,” you can either make their day or utterly crush their spirit, and you revel in the power you wield. Double the rush when Andre has a question for you.

3. You ask non-clarifying questions in class

You love raising your first two fingers ever so nonchalantly, especially in big lecture halls. The sound of your voice alone echoing in the room is music to your ears as you enlighten the class on the, “Ah, how do I put this? Duality between the dichotomy of man, something something, society.” No matter how others react – the groans, the stares, the subtle head tilts – at the end of the day, you force them to focus on you, and you relish in the attention you deserve.

4. You monitor how people respond to your discussion board posts

Whenever classes require discussion board posts and replies, you eagerly refresh the page every so often to check for new comments. You love reading how much people agree with your ideas, think you have a good point, or piggyback off of what you said. And for those who could even fathom disagreeing with you, you always have an irrefutable rebuttal ready within minutes with your freshly updated BruinLearn profile pic.

5. You always have your camera on during Zoom meetings

Whether it’s an online lecture, discussion section, or club meeting, you always keep your camera on. And you pin your video feed so that you’re always there at the top, the most optimal place to check how mysterious you’re coming across as. After all, who else are you going to be looking at? Bonus point if you enlarge yourself on FaceTime calls.