Friend Who Wasn’t Hungry Already Asking For A Bite

Abrams reportedly remarked "that looks good" four times before finally asking for some food.
Abrams reportedly remarked “that looks good” four times before finally asking for some food.

WESTWOOD — After insisting that she wasn’t hungry and deciding not to order food for herself, Stacy Abrams proceeded to ask for a bite of her friend Jessica Turner’s burrito upon just moments of its unwrapping. “Our conversation got real quiet once I started eating, and her eyes just sort of honed in on the burrito. It was right about then when I knew she was going to pull the same shit on me that she always does,” explained still-hungry Turner. “I don’t mind sharing, I really don’t. I just wish she would admit that she was going to have some of mine so that I could at least order a larger size or something.” At press time, Turner got back in line to order more food that she hopes will, once combined with what she ate of her burrito, comprise an adequate meal.