Freshman Not Yet BFFs With Roommate

Not Yet Best Friends_crop2
Lin’s roommate has yet to like one of her posts on Facebook.

WESTWOOD—Julia Lin, a UCLA freshman living in a double in Hedrick Hall, admitted today that she had not yet managed to become best friends with her roommate, although she was confident that it would happen very soon. “My roommate is meant to be the sister I never had,” said Lin, noting that she hopes to engage in bonding exercises such as hair-braiding, clothes-borrowing, and late-night giggling over boys with her “soon-to-be-best-friend”, “but Sarah keeps forgetting to invite me when she goes out. It’s almost as if she doesn’t know we’re going to be bonded for life.” Said her roommate: “I totally remember Julia! She’s in my math discussion, right?” 

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