Freshman Drops Stack Of Plates In Dining Hall, Transfers Out

WESTWOOD — After dropping four plates and a glass of water in Bruin Plate while walking to put his dishes away, first-year physiological science major Andy Bacino has made plans to transfer out of UCLA. “Yeah, I neglected my social life and mental health for years to get into this school, but attending the best public university in America is just not worth having to deal with the embarrassment,” said Bacino, who saw one classmate from his 300-person Chemistry 14A lecture witness the disaster. “Bending over to pick up the remains of my whole wheat kale-quinoa-lentil flatbread was super humiliating. I can’t show my face there again, and if I can’t eat at Bplate, there’s no point in staying.” Bacino’s roommate also plans on transferring out of UCLA after being seen wiping out on his penny board while attempting to skate down Bruinwalk.