Employer Impressed By Student’s Overqualification

Employers have begun more-and-more to hire applicants whose resumes surpass their company’s own base requirements.

LOS ANGELES—Following a thorough investigation of his resume, along with a brief interview with the student in question, local employer and head of A&R Consulting Craig Root noted that he was very impressed by Business Economics BA Elijah Fernandez’s long list of accomplishments that more than qualify him for the job.

Among the qualifications noted were academic honors, glowing letters of recommendation as well as two summer’s worth of internships at the firm. In addition to this, Fernandez’s positive personality was lauded by Root.

“This kid’s got it all,” said Root, sorting through a large stack of resumes from other recent graduates. “He’s demonstrated leadership, smart decision-making, a willingness to go above and beyond what is required of him. I see a future manager in him — a manager of some sort. Is there a chance that I might be taking another look at his resume? Absolutely.”

Root stated that he was first impressed to see Fernandez had shown early for the interview. The Class of 2015 alumnus wore professional attire and graciously accepted a cup of water upon his arrival. Fernandez was both confident and approachable in his demeanor—a statement that was later reaffirmed by Root’s secretary.

“He’s eager, driven, willing to learn. He loves to take on new challenges. He knows exactly what he wants to do in five years, which is more than most people in this office can say,” added Root.

In addition to this, Fernandez has stated that he really enjoyed the time he spent at the firm and would be happy to work in whatever capacity they require. Other members of the office conceded to having gotten on well with Fernandez.

“I honestly haven’t seen a more qualified candidate for this position in these past two hours. I might even venture to say he was more qualified than me to do my job,” concluded Root.

When asked whether Fernandez was overqualified enough to make it to the next round of interviews however, Root stated: “we’ll see about that.”

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