Elusive UCLA_WIFI_RES Added To Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Students searching for the elusive wifi.
Students searching for the elusive wifi.

WESTWOOD — UCLA New Student & Transition Programs (NSTP) announced that they will be adding the notoriously elusive campus wireless network UCLA_WIFI_RES to “Carpe Noctem,” the night time scavenger hunt that is a staple of freshman orientation. “After a team finds the last item on the list, they must go back to the Hill, pull out their phones, and attempt to find and connect to UCLA_WIFI_RES,” said NSTP Director Roxanne Neal as she frustratedly attempted to load her email inbox on the university’s Wi-Fi network. “We sensed that the scavenger hunt was too easy for such a talented group of students, so we decided to add something far more difficult to find — conquering this challenging feat together will help shape these teams into leaders on this campus.” Neal later added that, in the event of a tie, teams will have to compete to be the first to successfully stream a full episode of “Narcos” on the network.

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