Dropped Pencil Sparks Spontaneous Rendezvous With Classmate’s Crotch

WESTWOOD — Second-year Natalia Peña had an impromptu meeting with a classmate’s crotch today after she accidentally dropped her pencil between their seats. “The whole thing was kind of a whirlwind,” Peña giggled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and hugging several notebooks that she admitted “could definitely fit into [her] backpack.” “I feel like I’m way closer with Tom than I was before I laid my head across his lap and vigorously scrambled for my pencil. Sure, I was nervous about the whole “personal boundaries” thing at first, but now that I’ve been up-close and personal with his 32W double-buttoned Levis, I’m pretty sure Tom is my soulmate.” At press time, Tom confirmed that his name is, in fact, Greg.

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