Doctors Hate Her! Local Woman Says “AWOOGA” Instead Of “Ahhh” At Every Checkup

LOS ANGELES — Just this week, several Los Angeles doctors came forward to detail their uncomfortable experiences with local woman Riley Coyote, who says “AWOOGA” instead of “ahhh” during the tonsil check-up portion of every doctor’s appointment. “I should have known something was awry when Ms. Coyote first floated into my office, following the scent of the pie someone left in the breakroom,” said Dr. Elaine Tsang, moments before her representative informed her that she had just violated HIPAA. “We were prepared to sue. When my lawyer tried to serve her, however, Ms. Coyote took one look at the paperwork before her eyes popped out of her head, her jaw dropped to the ground, and she shouted “HUMMINA HUMMINA BAZOOING!” The Enabler reached out to Ms. Coyote for a comment but was met with tragedy upon discovering her unconscious from an anvil accident, chirping birds and twinkling stars spinning around her head.

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