Dick Cheney Finds Unlikely Success as TikTok Star

CASPER, WY — Former Vice President Dick Cheney created an account on TikTok last week and credited Donald Trump as the inspiration behind his decision to pursue a career in which he had no experience. “When I left office with one of the lowest approval ratings of all time, I began to get a sneaking suspicion that people didn’t approve of me,” Cheney explained, as he cleaned the gun with which he shot Harry Whittington while on a relaxing hunting trip in 2006. “But the fans are responding quite well to the content I’ve been releasing on ‘BigCheneyEnergy.’ One user by the name of ‘HusseinH8r123’ even commented ‘incredible performance’ on my most recent post,” boasted Cheney, in reference to a twelve second selfie video, which starred the lower half of his face and featured heavy breathing sounds. In total, Cheney’s TikTok has amassed a following of 7000 accounts, most of which were purchased with money he made from the Iraq War.