Dalai Lama’s Lives Flash Before His Eyes


DHARAMSHALA, INDIA—In the split second a cargo truck veered toward him, the Dalai Lama’s lives flashed before his eyes. “At first I could see a bright light, and then my mother’s face staring at me,” said the Dalai Lama, “and at that point, judging by sheepskin on the walls, and the boiling yak meat, I realised that it was 1391 and I was in a tent.” From there the Dalai Lama relived the countless adventures he had been a part of over 600 years of history. “Oh man, remember that time I was a the great grandson of Altan Khan, king of the Buddhist Mongols? And we would slaughter all the Qings in neighboring villages, and then meditate over their corpses? You just can’t get away with that stuff these days.” Moments following the Dalai Lama’s life review, the truck swerved to the right and avoided the accident.

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