Daily Bruin Granted Unprecedented Access To Taliban

WESTWOOD — In a recent development set to quell criticism of what many decry as “vapid” content from the publication, the Daily Bruin has been granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Taliban for an exposé slated to be published in the spring edition of the newspaper’s Prime magazine. “People have complained in recent months that we’re publishing too many random op-eds, and our calls for increased accountability aren’t quite garnering the readership they used to, so we’re excited to have access to an entirely new group of people with radically different narratives than the average UCLA student,” said Daily Bruin editor-in-chief Jacob Preal, adding that he hopes the stories gleaned from the upcoming Taliban interviews will present students with perspectives not ordinarily found in the paper’s columns. “Our job at the Bruin is to share unique stories and hold people accountable for their actions. Really getting to know the Taliban and spotlighting their members’ stories will allow us to showcase a diversity of beliefs, and also might provide us an opportunity to hold the organization accountable for their actions in the Middle East.” When asked why the publication was undertaking a story not connected to UCLA in any manner, Preal explained that the Middle East is considered a UCLA Extension campus and as such is typically covered by the Daily Bruin in its editorials.

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