Couple Reschedules Fight

Domestic arguments can be both emotionally and logistically hard on both partners.

WESTWOOD–Local couple Anthony Mullen and Sarah Brown were forced to reschedule their fight, which was set for Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., to a later date due to time conflicts. “I was telling him about a party I went to and he pulled out his phone and started scrolling through Twitter instead of listening to me, and just grunted when I asked what was wrong,” said Brown, lamenting about her boyfriend’s lack of communication to her friends via a group iMessage during the two days she refused to speak to him. “I could feel the tension, and he looked like he was ready to burst, but then I remembered I had an intramural volleyball game, and besides, he had to go to his Radio meeting. So I guess we just won’t talk until we can find time to yell at each other and cry.” At press time, Mullen hinted at a second fight, expressing disappointment and outrage over the fact that he and Brown “never make time to fight anymore.”

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