Cool Professor Wears Tie-Dye Shirt

Professor Grobin during office hours.
Professor Grobin during office hours.

WESTWOOD—Physics professor Alexander Grobin walked into class today wearing a tie-dye shirt, instantly cementing his status as the cool professor. “Grobin is just the coolest,” first year Amanda Hoynes said after witnessing an incredible lecture given by a totally chill professor. “I don’t know what it is about him, but he just makes partial differential equations and Hamiltonian operators really memorable and colorful, you know? He makes physics fun.” Grobin, who has taught quantum mechanics for twenty years, has long been known for bringing a liberal and vibrant touch to abstruse scientific concepts with his collection of brightly colored tee shirts. At press time, a colleague confirmed that Grobin is widely considered the “bad boy” of the particle physics world.

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